Den Rovan is a London-based management, communications and production consultancy founded by Selina Van Orden.

Den Rovan helps individuals, companies and brands communicate their message meaningfully. The world is full of information, the key is that you know how and with whom to share your ideas and services. People need to experience and connect with what you are doing, and Den Rovan will help you do that. Through collaboration, artistic design and management. 

Den Rovan assesses the market place in which an individual, company or brand wishes to be recognised, analyses how best they might grow in it: be it through partnerships with others, creating experiences for their audiences to participate in, or carrying out  carefully planned communications strategy. 

Den Rovan specialises in Luxury, Music, Art, Design and Immersive Experiences. 

Selina Van Orden comes from a background of film & TV production, music, management and PR.